Get started with Movement Puzzles! It all starts with the 2 bowl game. 

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Is your dog:

  • Feeling cautious in new situations?Careful on new/different surfaces? Scared of new things? 
  • Staying close to you and always looking for your guidance and micromanagement?
  • Struggling to work independently, at a distance from you?
  • Always knocking things over and has no idea how big he is or where his different body parts are?
  • Unable to control herself or make good decisions while running?
  • Reckless as if not caring what happens to his body when running?

👆 If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Movement Puzzles might be for YOU!

And yes, Movement Puzzles are also for you if you are looking for fun & enriching activities for your dog!

Movement Puzzles are fun movement games where the dog moves between 2 bowls and does different dynamic exercises.

The exercises are carefully chosen to work on your dog's body awareness, coordination and confidence in a variety of new and funny situations.

Movement Puzzles offer a clear, structured plan for including novelty in your dog's daily routine, while increasing stress resilience, optimistic attitude, independence, focus.

And do it without frustration or your dog constantly looking at you for guidance!

The key to all Movement Puzzles is...

Every single Movement Puzzle starts with the pattern of the dog moving from one bowl to another.

This it the core foundation for introducing new exercises into your puzzles, getting the independent performance and doing it all at your dog's pace!

We call it the 2 bowl game. And without further ado, here's the detailed How To video with the very first steps of teaching the 2 bowl game!

Get the how to video together with a troubleshooting guide and next steps on your email

Get the how to video together with a troubleshooting guide and next steps on your email