Dogwalk webinar

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Walk away knowing EXACTLY what fitness skills your dog NEEDS to run the dogwalk without misplacing paws, losing balance or falling off!

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During this training you will...

The 3 part framework that teaches your dog how to move on a dogwalk with confidence and speed... Without doing any training on the actual dogwalk!

How to adjust a popular canine fitness exercise so that it will ACTUALLY help your dog to run on the dogwalk with precision.

The ONE missing link in your dog's fitness routine that alone is responsible for transferring the skills from your dog's "gym workouts" to actually running on the dogwalk!

MEET Mari!

Founder of and the creator of Movement Puzzles

Mari Valgma is a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer helping experienced, dedicated sport and working dog owners train their dogs to move with balance, precision and awareness. So that the dog can focus better on the work, react quickly to cues while also having fewer falls and accidents that could end up as career ending injuries.

Mari's approach to canine fitness links the "gym workout" to real life situations through movement focused exercises, building the essential balance and coordination skills for actual work. Her novel concept of Movement Puzzles has been featured on Agility Nation.

See Why So Many Agility Handlers Are RAVING About My Webinars:


Its never been broken down like this to me with any of my training and now I have a super fast dog and all of this makes sense on how I should have started in training him for the dog walk.
- Lisa -

Thank you so much for your fabulous webinar. So much great information that no one talks about when teaching the dogwalk.
 - Kathy -


I thought my dog was lacking confidence, but I see that’s now part of the overall equation - he’s definitely lacking balance and body awareness!
- Vee -


Mari's methods of teaching canine body coordination are nothing short of genius.
- Reet Volt, AWC  team member 2019 -

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